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How we found communities in harm’s way

To investigate the impact of climate-driven disasters on communities and whether they’re receiving the assistance they need, we compiled data from federal agencies to assess 1) how many climate-fueled disasters a county had experienced, 2) how much disaster preparedness funding they had received through the Federal Emergency Management Agency and 3) what each county looked […]

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Floods, hurricanes, wildfires: What aid is your county getting to prepare?

For decades the federal government has known that climate change will force people in the U.S. to relocate. But the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s disaster preparedness spending — which includes money to help with relocation — already falls short of the need, experts say. And it’s not flowing out equitably, according to a year-long analysis […]

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Hunger, depression and unemployment: Trans adults are struggling

The past two years have been difficult for everyone, but they’ve been particularly rough for transgender households. New data released by the Census Bureau shows that trans adults are reporting startling rates of depression, hunger and unemployment.  In many cases, the situation has worsened for transgender adults over the past year while improving for other […]

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Flooding could expose toxic soil in city neighborhoods

For decades in Houston, where resident Bryan “Lucas” Parras grew up near the city’s shipping channel, neighborhoods have faced the cumulative impacts of toxic emissions. The area is crammed with industrial facilities, chemical plants and oil refineries. Pollution has become such an ingrained part of life, Parras said, that residents on the city’s East End […]

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Another threat to 2022 elections: A lack of paper

Each year, the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project asks the Texas Secretary of State for about 25,000 voter registration applications, which it distributes as part of the organization’s efforts to empower Latinos to participate in the democratic process. This year, the organization received a surprising response: There weren’t enough applications to go around. A sweeping […]

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Olivier Kamanda and Sue Suh join Center for Public Integrity board

Olivier Kamanda and Sue Suh, accomplished international leaders in government service, private industry and foundation stewardship, are joining the Center for Public Integrity’s Board of Directors.  Kamanda, a product manager at Google, and Suh, chief people officer at Time, both cited the critical and timely importance of the Pulitzer Prize-winning nonprofit newsroom’s mission of confronting […]

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Loss of autonomy: how guardianships threaten people’s rights

From Britney Spears to Wendy Williams, financial guardianships and conservatorships have entered the limelight as legal tools with the potential for abuse.  These high-profile cases have led to growing calls for reform. Disability rights organizations also have long advocated for less restrictive alternatives to guardianship for people with disabilities. Guardians, in some states called conservators, […]

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Juneteenth: A ‘beautiful story’ of liberty

When Melynda Price thinks of Juneteenth, she thinks of hope. She thinks of home. She thinks of heritage. A legal scholar at the University of Kentucky, Price is a fifth-generation Texan whose great-great-grandmother was enslaved in Southeast Texas. President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation in January 1863 declared more than three million enslaved people living in […]

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Mental Health Parity Collaborative

Updated Oct. 18, 2023 The Mental Health Parity Collaborative is a partnership between The Carter Center’s Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism, The Center for Public Integrity, and news outlets in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas. More than 40 reporters and editors from more than 15 news outlets are working […]

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When pregnancy loss becomes a crime

With the U.S. Supreme Court likely to overturn Roe v. Wade in the coming months, reproductive rights will be determined by individual states, and the scope goes beyond abortion. For more than a decade, some states have sharply increased criminal investigations of pregnancy loss, including miscarriages, stillbirths and self-induced abortions.  Prosecutions have overwhelmingly targeted pregnant […]

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Are schools the next target of ‘great replacement theory’ conspiracists?

Next month marks the 40th anniversary of Plyler v. Doe, a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision requiring public schools to educate all children, regardless of their immigration status. But with the high court potentially overturning decades-old precedent in the Roe v. Wade abortion decision, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sees a potential opening to undo Plyler, […]

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It was the Rubber Capital of the World. The health consequences linger.

Forced to breathe at times through oxygen tubes, the Rev. Kevin Goode nonetheless counts his blessings. Although his lungs are scarred from asbestos exposure and he has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, he’s in better condition than other former employees of rubber factories in Akron, Ohio.  This story also appeared in Belt Magazine Goode, retired pastor […]

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Public Integrity expands audience team

Charlie Hsing-Chuan Dodge and Vanessa Lee are joining an expanding audience team at the Center for Public Integrity that is working to reach, engage and partner with those most affected by the U.S. inequality the nonprofit newsroom investigates. Dodge, an upcoming graduate of New York University who created her 21st century storytelling major by combining […]

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Yvette Cabrera, Aaron Mendelson join Public Integrity

Award-winning investigative reporters Yvette Cabrera and Aaron Mendelson will join the Center for Public Integrity as the newsroom expands its reporting on inequality in the U.S. Cabrera, a senior writer at environmental journalism nonprofit Grist, will start work May 9 as a senior reporter covering inequality in economic and social well-being. Mendelson, senior reporter for […]

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Public Integrity joins call for Pulitzers to require transparency on diversity

The Center for Public Integrity has joined more than 60 organizations representing journalists across the U.S. in calling on the Pulitzer Prizes to make participation in an annual diversity survey a condition of eligibility for awards. The group is a mix of professional journalism associations, labor unions and publishers and also includes the National Association […]

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Confronting complex problems with investigative reporting

Deconstructing complex societal problems, explaining their real-world, human impact, helping the public understand why they should care and equipping them to take action. It’s what the best investigative reporting does, and what has motivated Jennifer LaFleur in a career that has included stints at some of the nation’s most prominent nonprofit investigative news organizations. LaFleur […]

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‘People will tell your story wrong if you’re not in the room’

What she experienced growing up in Baltimore and how she saw her community being portrayed to the rest of the country fueled Ashley Clarke’s interest in investigative journalism. As audience engagement editor at the Center for Public Integrity, she’s helping lead the newsroom’s focus on reporting with and in service to the people and communities […]