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How financial barriers stifle formerly incarcerated people

PHILADELPHIA — In the second year of J. Jondhi Harrell’s 20-year sentence, he began to contemplate what would alter a person’s life for good. Financial literacy, employment, mentorship and community support were essential, he recalled thinking.  “If you can’t feed yourself, if you can’t manage your money, you can’t build a solid foundation for the […]

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When the punishment is the same as the crime: Suspended for missing class

PHOENIX — Guadalupe Hernandez’s attendance problems started in kindergarten.  The boy, who has two attention disorders and oppositional defiant disorder, often refused to sit still for circle time. He also experienced separation anxiety while away from his grandmother, Frances Yduarte, who raised him. He’d spend his days distracted from lessons, wishing he was home with […]

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Public Integrity student homelessness project breaks ground

The Center for Public Integrity is the only national investigative newsroom solely focusing on the causes and effects of inequality. Telling these stories well takes time, resources and expertise. Investigating inequality often requires employing the tools of social scientists to do original analyses. These techniques have been used by newsrooms to show disparities in home […]

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Join us for a live discussion: How four decades of tax cuts fueled inequality

Wealth inequality in the U.S. has widened to historic levels, exacerbating a range of societal problems. A new investigation by the Center for Public Integrity points to one of the main culprits: Our nation’s tax code. Over the last 40 years, Congress has cut the income tax rate five times for the wealthiest people. Corporations […]

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Schools can get funds to help homeless students. Why do so many miss out?

Towanda Chew has gone to extraordinary lengths to prioritize her children’s education. Like many parents navigating homelessness, keeping this promise remains a harrowing challenge. It requires that she first keep them safe and sheltered.  “I wish I could have walked on the stage,” said Chew, who didn’t graduate from high school, but got her GED. […]

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Making visible the hidden toll of student homelessness around the country

What happens to students experiencing homelessness? Federal law requires that public schools assist to help break what could become an inescapable cycle of hardship. But many of the students who need that aid fall through the cracks. Read our investigation Thousands of schools are failing to identify and help homeless students, despite a federal mandate […]

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Hidden toll: Thousands of schools fail to count homeless students

For months, Beth Petersen paid acquaintances to take her son to school — money she sorely needed. They’d lost their apartment, her son bouncing between relatives and friends while she hotel-hopped. As hard as she tried to keep the 13-year-old at his school, they finally had to switch districts. Under federal law, Petersen’s son had […]

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The graduation gap hurting homeless students

Nationwide, homeless students graduate from high school at lower rates than average, blunting their opportunities for stable jobs and increasing the risk of continued housing insecurity in adulthood. The gap is often stark: In 18 states, graduation rates for students who experienced homelessness lagged more than 20 percentage points behind the overall rate in both […]

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Facts and figures: The grim numbers on homeless students

A Center for Public Integrity analysis of federal education data suggests roughly 300,000 students entitled to essential rights reserved for homeless students have slipped through the cracks, unidentified by the school districts mandated to help them.  Some 2,400 districts did not report having even one homeless student despite levels of financial need that make those […]

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Schools must help homeless students. Here’s what you should know.

When is a student considered homeless? The definition of homelessness among K-12 students is laid out in the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, a federal law that details the help public schools must give unstably housed children. That includes students living in the following conditions: More than 75% of children identified as homeless under the McKinney-Vento […]

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What housing instability looks like for parents, students

Public schools are required by federal law to take steps that will help homeless students get an equal education. But what homelessness looks like is broader than families and even some schools realize. The federal definition, for instance, includes children doubling up with extended family out of economic need or living in transitional housing paid […]

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Public Integrity honors founder Charles Lewis with renaming of fellowship 

At a ceremony honoring the career of Center for Public Integrity founder Charles “Chuck” Lewis earlier this month, CEO Paul Cheung announced that Public Integrity was renaming its graduate fellowship to the Charles Lewis American University Fellowship at the Center for Public Integrity. The joint fellowship with American University, currently held by graduate student Ileana […]

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Join us: Building a diverse future for investigative news

Update: The recording of the discussion has been posted above. Join the Center for Public Integrity Nov. 2, 2022, at 6:30 pm EDT for a virtual fireside chat featuring Public Integrity Editor Mc Nelly Torres. Nicole Dungca, a Washington Post investigative reporter and incoming president of Asian American Journalists Association, will moderate the chat.  Dungca and […]

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Janelle O’Dea joins Public Integrity as data reporter for local collaborations

Janelle O’Dea is joining the Center for Public Integrity in a newly created data reporter position focused on local news collaborations and capacity-building.  Strengthening the data capabilities of local news organizations, especially in underserved and underrepresented communities is a core tenet to Public Integrity’s mission to confront inequality in the U.S. She joins Public Integrity […]