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It was the Rubber Capital of the World. The health consequences linger.

Forced to breathe at times through oxygen tubes, the Rev. Kevin Goode nonetheless counts his blessings. Although his lungs are scarred from asbestos exposure and he has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, he’s in better condition than other former employees of rubber factories in Akron, Ohio.  This story also appeared in Belt Magazine Goode, retired pastor […]

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Public Integrity expands audience team

Charlie Hsing-Chuan Dodge and Vanessa Lee are joining an expanding audience team at the Center for Public Integrity that is working to reach, engage and partner with those most affected by the U.S. inequality the nonprofit newsroom investigates. Dodge, an upcoming graduate of New York University who created her 21st century storytelling major by combining […]

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Yvette Cabrera, Aaron Mendelson join Public Integrity

Award-winning investigative reporters Yvette Cabrera and Aaron Mendelson will join the Center for Public Integrity as the newsroom expands its reporting on inequality in the U.S. Cabrera, a senior writer at environmental journalism nonprofit Grist, will start work May 9 as a senior reporter covering inequality in economic and social well-being. Mendelson, senior reporter for […]

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Public Integrity joins call for Pulitzers to require transparency on diversity

The Center for Public Integrity has joined more than 60 organizations representing journalists across the U.S. in calling on the Pulitzer Prizes to make participation in an annual diversity survey a condition of eligibility for awards. The group is a mix of professional journalism associations, labor unions and publishers and also includes the National Association […]

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Confronting complex problems with investigative reporting

Deconstructing complex societal problems, explaining their real-world, human impact, helping the public understand why they should care and equipping them to take action. It’s what the best investigative reporting does, and what has motivated Jennifer LaFleur in a career that has included stints at some of the nation’s most prominent nonprofit investigative news organizations. LaFleur […]

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‘People will tell your story wrong if you’re not in the room’

What she experienced growing up in Baltimore and how she saw her community being portrayed to the rest of the country fueled Ashley Clarke’s interest in investigative journalism. As audience engagement editor at the Center for Public Integrity, she’s helping lead the newsroom’s focus on reporting with and in service to the people and communities […]

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The past and future of the drones that monitor ceasefires in Ukraine

A week before Russia invaded Ukraine in February, artillery fire crossed the static front line between Ukrainian and Russian-backed separatist forces in Eastern Ukraine. A Reuters photographer, in Kadiivka, reported hearing artillery fire on Feb. 17 but could not determine which side had fired.  This story also appeared in Popular Science The exchange violated the […]

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What to know about the Russian device reportedly captured in Ukraine

On the northern edge of the town of Makariv, roughly 30 miles from the center of Kyiv, Ukrainian forces in March reportedly captured a Krasukha-4 electronic warfare system brought by the invading Russian army. While it looks like a shipping container with irregular panels, it is actually a sophisticated signal jammer, designed to incapacitate the […]

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Investigating inequality with a grounding in history, solutions

Behind just about every racial disparity — in health, education, housing, access to voting, economic well-being — is hundreds of years of American history, including very recent history, that got us here. It’s something April Simpson centers in her work as a senior reporter covering racial equity for the Center for Public Integrity because it’s […]