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Will Biden’s relief package break Black farmers’ ‘cycle of debt’?

When President Joe Biden announced that he was reappointing Tom Vilsack as secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, many advocates questioned whether the new administration was serious about tackling the agency’s institutional racism.  Vilsack presided over the USDA during the Obama administration. An investigation by the nonprofit news outlet The Counter found that the department foreclosed […]

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Behind on rent? We want to hear from you.

The coronavirus pandemic has stripped reliable paychecks from millions of Americans, forcing some families to choose between paying rent and feeding their children. Since mid-2020, as money flowed from federal stimulus bills, state and local agencies have been handing out assistance checks to renters and landlords. But there’s still not enough to go around, according […]

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Kate Myers named interim COO of Center for Public Integrity

Veteran nonprofit journalism executive Kate Myers has been named interim chief operating officer of the Center for Public Integrity. Myers, who served most recently as executive director of revenue and operations of First Look Media Works, the parent organization of The Intercept, will lead Public Integrity’s business operations while the nonprofit investigative news organization completes […]

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Looking back: Our inequality stories in the year of COVID

One year ago, the Center for Public Integrity turned the focus of its investigative reporting toward a global pandemic. Our newsroom’s focus on inequality, government transparency and collaboration with local news organizations has been crucial in telling the story of the disparate impact COVID-19 has had on Americans’ health and economic well-being. Public Integrity’s earliest […]

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Biden COVID data director on plugging deadly information gaps in a pandemic

Data and transparency are key to saving lives during this pandemic. To make decisions on everything from visiting relatives to reopening schools, both officials and the public need to know whether hospitals have enough beds, whether social distancing is lowering cases, where hotspots are and much more.  Emergency physician Dr. Cyrus Shahpar is the White […]

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Georgia Republicans want to reshape voting laws, burdening voters of color

Stephanie Lopez-Burgos stood in line about 35 minutes when she went to vote early in Georgia’s Senate runoff election and felt lucky it wasn’t longer. She saw social media posts from many Hall County residents who waited more than an hour — some of whom had to leave without voting.  This story also appeared in […]

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Merrick Garland promises to prosecute hate crimes against Asian Americans. Here’s why that matters.

Senators grilled Judge Merrick Garland this week about white supremacy and domestic extremism during his confirmation hearing for the role of U.S. Attorney General. One brief exchange, in particular, was revealing. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) described a recent spike in anti-Asian violence as “extraordinarily alarming.” Then he asked Garland to commit to prosecuting hate crimes against Asian […]

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Redistricting, plagued by delays, carries high stakes for communities of color

Delays to the release of 2020 census data are upending the already fraught once-a-decade process of redrawing political maps, and experts warn that could prompt a more rushed, opaque process in some states.  The census data will shape political power over the course of the next decade. Communities of color have much at stake: Latino, […]

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Center for Public Integrity welcomes new staff

The Center for Public Integrity has promoted veteran staff member Jamie Smith Hopkins to editor and is making key additions to the nonprofit investigative news organization’s reporting and audience teams. Corey Mitchell, an associate editor and reporter at Education Week, will join Public Integrity on Feb. 22 as a senior reporter covering education. Lisa Yanick […]

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Q&A with the ‘father’ of environmental justice at a turning-point moment

For four years, the Trump administration’s rollbacks of environmental protections fell hardest on communities of color and low-income neighborhoods — places that have long borne the brunt of pollution. But even before that, the federal government’s efforts to combat environmental injustices were often spotty and weak. That may be changing. President Joe Biden pledged as […]

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Republicans target ballot access after record turnout

The months after November’s presidential election have been filled with conspiracy theories, lies and myths about the security and integrity of U.S. elections, led by former President Donald Trump and many Republican leaders. This story also appeared in Stateline As a result, polls show that more than half of Republican voters wrongly believe that President […]

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With the stroke of a pen, Biden begins undoing Trump’s deregulation policies

Former President Donald Trump rolled back federal regulations more than any other president in U.S. history — in some cases to the detriment of Americans’ health and safety, according to an investigation by the Center for Public Integrity and Vox. But President Joe Biden has already set the stage for undoing Trump’s changes, and Congress can quickly wipe out Trump’s deregulations pushed […]

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For some COVID patients, pre-existing conditions and long-term consequences part of the struggle

This story was published in partnership with Flint Beat. This story also appeared in Flint Beat A sharp tingle shoots through Terrell Harris’ leg. He pops a pill for the pain, but his nerves will act up again when the medicine wears off.  His legs are so weak and unpredictable he uses a walker to get […]

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Biden’s immigration ‘reset’ faces some GOP roadblocks

Shortly after taking office Jan. 20, President Joe Biden ordered a 100-day moratorium on most deportations. Six days later, a federal judge in Texas blocked the moratorium with a 14-day restraining order. Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sought the restraining order, arguing that Biden was endangering the state. Paxton’s challenge is a sign that more […]

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Climate change contributed to more than 70 natural disasters since 2015

One of President Joe Biden’s first actions after his inauguration Wednesday was signing an executive order to rejoin the Paris climate agreement. There’s no time to waste in the fight against global warming, and here’s one number that drives it home: 76. That’s how many disasters and temperature anomalies scientists have demonstrated were made more likely […]

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Analysis: Threats to democracy on Inauguration Day, and the lies that got us here

This is a news analysis from the Center for Public Integrity. Today’s inauguration, part of the ritual of American democracy, is offset by images usually associated with a coup. Thousands of armed National Guard members are juxtaposed with the monuments and symbols that tell the American story. The Washington Monument. The Lincoln Memorial. And the […]

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In Florida, worsening heat puts more people at risk

For more than two decades now, Jeannie Economos has been advocating for farmworkers’ health. Pesticide exposure was her first focus. But for half that time, she’s also zeroed in on deadly heat. “It gets hotter every summer,” said Economos, coordinator of pesticide safety and environmental health at Farmworker Association of Florida. “This past summer was […]

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Trump administration will pay Public Integrity attorney’s fees in two more FOIA lawsuits

Last week, the U.S. Department of Defense and Office of Management and Budget agreed to settle a federal lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act and pay the Center for Public Integrity $15,000 in attorney’s fees. In October, U.S. Customs and Border Protection settled a separate lawsuit and paid $13,000 in attorney’s fees to Public […]

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Capitol attack underscores white supremacist infiltration of police, military

In the aftermath of the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol last week, FBI Director Christopher Wray vowed to muster the full investigative powers of his agency to bring “violent agitators and extremists” to justice. The ensuing investigation, billed as “unprecedented” in its scale and scope, has led to the prosecution of more than 70 […]

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Democrats push wide-ranging voting, ethics reforms in charged moment for democracy

A sweeping package of voting-rights, government-ethics and anti-corruption measures failed to make it through Congress in 2019, but an updated version of the bill is at the top of Democrats’ agenda.  Proponents say the aftermath of the 2020 election and last week’s violent attack on the U.S. Capitol makes the need for the legislation more […]

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Center for Public Integrity announces a leadership transition

The Center for Public Integrity announced today a leadership transition.  CEO Susan Smith Richardson will be leaving to become Deputy Editor of The Guardian-US. Susan will remain at Public Integrity until March 12, 2021 to assure a smooth transition. We congratulate her on her new position and wish her the greatest success.   “While we are […]