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Public Integrity founder Charles Lewis wins lifetime achievement award

Center for Public Integrity founder Charles Lewis won a lifetime achievement award from the Institute for Nonprofit News Wednesday for what the organization described as his significant, innovative and lasting contributions to the field of independent, nonprofit news. Lewis, 67, is now a professor of journalism at American University School of Communication, where he was […]

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Five new signs of a crisis in police accountability

Five major headlines in the news recently offer significant insight into America’s crisis in police accountability:  1. Black kids arrested for a crime that doesn’t exist Earlier this fall, the Center for Public Integrity and a coalition of other journalism organizations including USA TODAY Network published “Criminalizing Kids,” a nationwide look at the disproportionate harm […]

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An investigative reporter’s job: ‘Dig deep and uncover the truth’

Alexia Fernández Campbell covers employment and workers’ rights for the Center for Public Integrity, one of the nation’s oldest nonprofit investigative journalism organizations. We focus on the causes and effects of inequality in the United States, and labor is a part of daily life at the heart of those conversations. Over the past two years […]

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Once again, some states are choosing who gets COVID-19 care

More than 18 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, some states are once again facing shortages of medical resources needed to care for sick patients — leaving some to enter crisis mode or consider rationing vital resources, such as intensive care unit beds. In Idaho a shortage of ICU beds is postponing non-emergency surgeries, while hospitals contend […]

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See how your state changed voting laws in 7 key areas

The Voting Rights Lab tracked more than 2,600 election bills around the country as of early September, and 45 states passed 221 bills into law, the organization said. It characterized 41 of the new laws as “anti-voter,” and 102 as “pro-voter.” Dive deeper with Public Integrity’s interactive map. It provides a snapshot of some changes to […]

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Donors file class action lawsuit against Las Vegas telemarketer alleging scam PAC scheme

Political donors filed a class action lawsuit this week against Richard Zeitlin, a Las Vegas-based telemarketer they accuse of facilitating a “massive money-making scheme.” Zeitlin was the focus of an investigation by the Center for Public Integrity in 2019. The lawsuit alleges Zeitlin and his companies violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by “siphoning … […]

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Police presence in schools causes long-term harm, advocates say

The presence of  police patrolling school hallways has fundamental consequences and causes long-term harm to Black, brown and disabled students, in particular, a panel of experts said in a forum hosted by the Center for Public Integrity and San Diego investigative journalism organization inewsource Wednesday night.  “Criminalizing Kids,” a Public Integrity investigation by Corey Mitchell, […]

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Proposed iPhone protections could put LGBTQ youth at risk

Virtual communities have long provided a space for LGBTQ youth to explore their identities, allowing queer children to safely come out of the closet without fear of abuse from unsupportive parents. But as technology companies ratchet up surveillance in the name of content moderation, the digital privacy of LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable people may […]

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Public Integrity sues for National Guard border deployment records

The Center for Public Integrity filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Defense and South Dakota National Guard on Wednesday seeking public release of records related to a decision by South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem to deploy the Guard to the Texas-Mexico border earlier this year that raised issues about private funding of military […]

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ACLU renews push for school policing law after our investigation

The numbers are troubling, the images and stories indelible. Despite years of pressure on schools to stop policing students, we found that students continue to suffer from encounters with law enforcement in communities big and small. In Maryland’s largest school district, police body camera footage captured an officer handcuffing a Black kindergarten student, telling the […]

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Criminalizing kids: What’s happening in communities

Students of color and those with disabilities face encounters with law enforcement at school at a higher rate than their peers. That’s according to an analysis of the latest student referral to police data from the Department of Education. The Center for Public Integrity in collaboration with USA TODAY and Univision examined these disparities on […]

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Lo que pasa cuando la policía es llamada para resolver problemas en las escuelas

Esta historia se produjo como parte de una colaboración con Univision, el Center for Public Integrity y USA TODAY. Un agente de seguridad escolar sacó a un alumno de tercer grado de una clase, lo llevó a un baño para empleados, cerró la puerta y lo regañó, diciéndole al aterrado estudiante que “dejara de llorar como una niña”. ¿Cuál […]

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Lo que necesitas saber sobre la vigilancia policial en las escuelas

Esta historia se produjo como parte de una colaboración con Univision, el Center for Public Integrity y USA TODAY. ¿Qué es una remisión a las fuerzas del orden? ¿Significa que el estudiante fue arrestado? Una remisión se produce cuando un empleado escolar reporta a un estudiante ante cualquier agencia o agente de la ley, incluyendo un agente de policía […]

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The history of school policing

First designed to protect recently desegregated schools, school police officer presence has grown in recent decades. Across the country, data shows that students of color and those with disabilities are disproportionately referred to law enforcement in schools and advocates are calling for reform. Click through this timeline to learn more about the origins and expansion of […]

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The future of Black home ownership in D.C.

Gentrification and the skyrocketing cost of housing is fueling wealth inequality in the nation’s capital. The Center for Public Integrity is partnering with the Washington Informer, a newspaper serving the D.C. area’s African American community for nearly 60 years, to investigate how gentrification is threatening Black home ownership in Washington, D.C. Understanding the struggles of […]