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Arizona sued by DOJ over requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote

Amid a failed attempt by supporters of former President Donald Trump to throw out the state’s 2020 election results based on false accusations of voter fraud, Republicans who control Arizona’s state legislature and governor’s office passed significant new obstacles to voting.  New laws allow for the purging of names from the state’s mail-in ballot voting […]

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‘A perfect storm of confusion:’ Voting faces systemic challenges in Alaska

Language and other barriers faced by Indigenous communities and the inability to get information to voters in broadband deserts caused a distressingly high rate of ballot rejections in Alaska’s June primaries. These problems exacerbate longstanding issues of inequity in access to voting and political representation in Alaska, such as relying on a postal service heavily […]

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Low-paid workers are unionizing. Corporations are spending a ton to stop them.

Thousands of workers across the country have been busy gathering signatures from their co-workers in the past year. Candy makers at a Hershey’s factory in Virginia. Cooks at a Chipotle restaurant in Michigan. Six employees at a Dollar General store in Connecticut. Their goal: form a labor union to force their bosses to negotiate better […]

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Getting the lead out — at long last

The country began phasing lead out of gasoline for cars in the mid-1970s, and yet the toxic metal is still in aviation fuel for small aircraft — spewing over neighborhoods with children especially vulnerable to its irreversible impacts. That’s finally poised to change. Following decades of pressure from environmental-justice advocates, the Federal Aviation Administration has […]

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‘Sí se puede’: Mc Nelly Torres wins 2022 Gwen Ifill Award

The International Women’s Media Foundation today announced Mc Nelly Torres as the recipient of its annual Gwen Ifill Award. Torres, an editor at Center for Public Integrity and board member of the National Association for Hispanic Journalists, is being recognized for her career-long dedication to building diversity, equity and inclusion in the news media. “Mc […]

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This tax break helps lower-income people. Too many don’t get it.

For financially-strapped families, refundable tax credits can make the difference between covering rising rent and food prices or falling short. But not everyone who is eligible gets them.   According to 2018 Internal Revenue Service data, the most recent year for state participation rates, 22% of taxpayers eligible for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit didn’t […]

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Leaving the island: The messy, contentious reality of climate relocation

This article was produced in partnership with Columbia Journalism Investigations, the Center for Public Integrity and Type Investigations. ISLE DE JEAN CHARLES, Louisiana — A sliver is all of this islet that remains above water. What hasn’t slipped into the Gulf of Mexico shows the punishing effects of disastrous climate change: trees killed by saltwater, […]

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Schools target students with disabilities for discipline ‘too often’

New federal guidelines aimed at reducing high rates of discipline for students with disabilities affirm that schools are responsible for the discriminatory behavior of police and school resource officers on campus. That includes incidents when schools refer students to law enforcement, an action that can lead to school-related arrests, criminal charges, fines or citations that […]

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Kristian Hernández and María Zamudio join Public Integrity as investigative reporters

Kristian Hernández and María Inés Zamudio are joining the Center for Public Integrity as investigative reporters focused on inequality in the United States. For Hernández, who has worked as a state policy reporter based in Texas for Pew Charitable Trusts’ Stateline project the past year and as an investigative reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, […]

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Black voters cool on Biden

Willie Head is so infuriated with President Joe Biden and other Democrats that he’s considering not voting for the party in future elections.  “I’m here to say for the record, I can’t, I will not vote Democratic again for this kind of results from my Democratic congressional people, and I’m asking everybody of color to […]

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On the ground: Reporting from the front lines of a climate relocation crisis

As climate change worsens, areas that were once safe become unlivable. Repetitive flooding, wildfires and other hazards are prompting some Americans to move. Millions more are expected to follow suit in the coming decades — if they can get out. Public Integrity stories The latest stories from Public Integrity in the Harm’s Way series can […]

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Trapped in harm’s way as climate disasters mount

SMITHFIELD, Va. — When flooding from Hurricane Floyd in 1999 destroyed Betty Ricks’ home, she rebuilt. Several years later, she posed proudly for a Christmas photograph beside her daughter and granddaughter in her new living room. Then another flood — brought by Tropical Storm Ernesto in 2006 — claimed her house a second time, leaving […]

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Atrapados en la zona de peligro: sin ayuda para reubicarse, una catástrofe tras otra

SMITHFIELD, Va. — Cuando las inundaciones provocadas por el huracán Floyd en 1999 destruyeron la casa de Betty Ricks, ella la reconstruyó. Varios años después, posó orgullosa para una fotografía navideña junto a su hija y su nieta en su nueva sala. Luego, otra inundación — provocada por la tormenta tropical Ernesto en 2006 — […]

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How we found communities in harm’s way

To investigate the impact of climate-driven disasters on communities and whether they’re receiving the assistance they need, we compiled data from federal agencies to assess 1) how many climate-fueled disasters a county had experienced, 2) how much disaster preparedness funding they had received through the Federal Emergency Management Agency and 3) what each county looked […]