Immigration Decoded

You hear the opinions on immigration, but we bring you the facts, faces and context behind immigration policy in the U.S. and its implications.

Immigration Decoded

Published — September 5, 2019

Homeland Security shifts deportation decisions on sick immigrants to ICE

Immigration Decoded

Published — August 7, 2019

Rhetoric attacking immigrants has been on constant boil for years

Commentary: The El Paso shooter’s alleged anti-Hispanic screed echoes Trump and some media rhetoric.

Immigration Decoded

Published — June 25, 2019

Number of ICE detainees with no criminal record rises sharply, defying Trump rhetoric

Immigration and Employment

Published — May 31, 2019

Employers escape sanctions, while the undocumented risk lives and prosecution

Only 11 people were prosecuted for hiring undocumented workers in the last year. 

Ask Immigration Decoded

Published — May 8, 2019

Data defies Trump’s claims that refugees and asylees burden taxpayers

Researchers found that between 2005 and 2014, refugees and asylees here from 1980 on contributed $63 billion more to government revenues than they used in public services.

Immigration Decoded

Published — March 1, 2019

Babies in poor health at ICE-run detention facility, says complaint

Advocacy groups want mom and kids released from Dilley, Texas center; government says comprehensive care is being provided.

Immigration Decoded

Published — February 19, 2019

Americans’ immigration emergency: Their spouses could be deported, or exiled

With kids in tow, U.S. citizens visit Congress to plead for help. 

Immigration Decoded

Published — February 15, 2019

Another critical watchdog report: Rotten food, decaying mattresses at New Jersey ICE contract lockup

Prior Inspector General reports have found medical neglect and other violations at other immigrant detention centers