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Immigration Decoded

Published — February 15, 2019

Another critical watchdog report: Rotten food, decaying mattresses at New Jersey ICE contract lockup

Prior Inspector General reports have found medical neglect and other violations at other immigrant detention centers

Immigration Decoded

Published — February 6, 2019

Commentary: Trump’s immigration blame game

Migrants have long assumed costs, risks of border crossing—but Trump’s finger pointing now adds to the burden.

Immigration Decoded

Published — February 1, 2019

ICE failed to penalize contract immigrant jails with thousands of safety and rights violations

Immigration Decoded

Published — November 30, 2018

Images of migrant throngs are real, but so are individual life-or-death stories

Analysis: Trump chief of staff John Kelly once said parents were trying to “save their children” by getting them out of Central America. 

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Published — November 6, 2018 Updated — Today at 4:42 pm EST

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Published — October 12, 2018 Updated — Today at 2:15 pm EST

ICE data: Tens of thousands of deported parents have U.S. citizen kids

Deportations of parents of U.S. kids are likely to rise, with a wider Trump net

Immigration Decoded

Published — October 4, 2018 Updated — Today at 9:45 pm EST

How Trump’s language led to a temporary halt to ending TPS

Judge cites claims that Trump exhibited bias in comments about nonwhite immigrants

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Published — October 1, 2018 Updated — Today at 11:22 am EST

Family separations: What happened to the nursing baby?

The Department of Homeland Security as a policy said it didn’t separate children under five, but multiple claims have emerged.