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A list released by the White House shows that 404 guests stayed overnight at the White House and Camp David since Hillary Rodham Clinton began campaigning for a U.S. Senate seat from New York in July 1999. The guests include a substantial number of donors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The list of what the White House described as “family members, friends and supporters, public officials and others” follows. It does not include staff members, their families, and Camp David guests during the 2000 Middle East peace negotiations.

In 1996, the Center for Public Integrity released an investigative report entitled “Fat Cat Hotel,” which listed 75 Democratic Party donors who had slept overnight in the Clinton White House, including in the Lincoln Bedroom. The story later won the public service award of the Society of Professional Journalists. A year after the Center’s initial request for names of sleepover guests, the Clinton White House released 938 names of overnight guests in the president’s first term.

Arkansas Friends (51)

Brown Adkins

Nancy Adkins

Liza Ashley

Paul Berry

Diane Blair

Jim Blair

Sam Bratton

Jim Dailey

Patti Dailey

Connie Fails

Mary Ellen Fletcher

Vicki Fletcher

Jo Ford

Joe Ford

Linda Hayes

Patrick Hayes

Ann Henry

Kaki Hockersmith

Carolyn Huber

Gregory Huber

Leslie Huber

Lauren Huber

David Leopoulos

Thaddeus Leopoulos

Charlie McDowell

Hayden McIlroy

Mary Joe McIlroy

Max Mehlburger

John Miller

Ruby Miller

Marge Mitchell

Don Perkey

Loree Perkey

Belinda Price

Elizabeth Price

Matt Price

Phil Price

Will Rix

Janet Roget

Linda Scofield

Tom Schueck

Leslie Singer

Mary Steenburgen

Patsy Sutton

Eddie Sutton

Hunter Sutton

Danny Thomason

Harry Thomason

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason

Bronson Van Wyck

Mary Lynn Van Wyck

Longtime Friends (102)

Linda Aaker

Karen Adler

Fred Altschuler

George Altschuler

Julie Altschuler

Norma Altschuler

Bob Armstrong

Will Armstrong

Elizabeth Bagley

Smith Bagley

Coleen Bonner

Frank Bonner

Katie Bonner

Kirk Bonner

Erskine Bowles

Chris Branch

Taylor Branch

Pat Brandt

William Brandt

Aliya Brooks

Liza Brooks

Marc Brooks

Nara Brooks

Robin Brooks

Thomas Caplan

Christy Carpenter

Jacob Cherry

Mike Cherry

Pat Cherry

Ellen Chesler

Alex DiMento

Deborah DiMento

Joseph DiMento

Joseph DiMento, Jr.

Mary Alyce Driver

Mike Driver

Betsy Ebeling

Collin Ebeling

Haley Ebeling

Thomas Ebeling

Voda Ebeling

Floyd Flake

Margarette Flake

Dru Francis

Kate Francis

Sally Francis

Ann Todd Free

James Free

Anita Friedman

Linda Gillespie

Abigail Ginzberg

Ruth Goldway

Larry Greenwald

Ronnie Heyman

Samuel Heyman

Richard Jasculca

Judith Jasculca

Alston Johnson

Doug Johnson

Robyn Johnson

Phillip Levine

Rudy Lowe

Jim Lyons

Matthew Mallow

Sarah Mantilla

Dorie McAuliffe

Dorothy McAuliffe

Jack McAuliffe

Mary McAuliffe

Sally McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe

Ellen McPeake

Kevin O’Keefe

Darin Opperman

Grant Opperman

Haley Opperman

Vance Opperman

Liz Robbins

Linda Rosenbloom

Kate Rosenbloom

Alana Schulman

Haley Schulman

Kori Schulman

Marc Schulman

Maureen Schulman

Alexandra Schuster

Carly Schuster

Elaine Schuster

Gerald Schuster

Heidi Scbuster

Jessica Schuster

Lizzie Schuster

Mark Schuster

Derek Shearer

Bill Wardlaw

Judge Kim Wardlaw

Billy Wardlaw

Katie Wardlaw

Martha Whetstone

Maggie Williams

Alan Yorkin

Cynthia Yorkin

Friends and Supporters (86)

Daniel Abraham

Ewa Abraham

Allison Adare

Elyssa Adler

Goldie Adler

Harry Adler

Mary Adler

Paul Adler

Rachel Adler

Sam Adler

Paul Allaire

Molly Blackwell

Tifanie Chaney

Alan Cohn

Betsy Cohn

Lynn Coleman

Bill DeBlasio

Chirad DeBlasio

Dentad DeBlasio

Sylvia DeLeon

Tom DiNopili

Martin Edelman

Betty Flor

Ken Flor

Gloria Gary

Willie Gary

Christine George

Tony George

Barbara Graves

Earl Graves

Reverend Andrew Greeley

Michael Goldberg

Vinod Gupta

Carolyn Hodges

N. Lyle Howland

Jill Iscol

Kenneth Iscol

Kiva Iscol

Zack Iscol

David Kaplan

Linda Kaplan

Howard Kessler

Michelle Kessler

Billie Jean Kinney

John Kinney

Chris Korge

Irene Korge

Jim Levin

Mary Patricia Levin

Ed Lewis

James Llewellyn

Shahara. Llewellyn

John Manning

Chiraline McCray

Brian McDonald

Cathy McDonald

Jamie McDonald

Kelly McDonald

Michael McDonald

Tom McDonald

Dean Ornish

Alan Patricoff

Susan Patricoff

Norman Pattiz

Mary Pattiz

Lisa Perry

Richard Perry

Mary Reggie

Raymond Reggie

Cheryl Saban

Haim Saban

Heidi Saban

Ness Saban

Tanya Saban

Frank Savage

Lolita Savage

Carole Shields

Arnold Simon

Deborah Simon

Allison Stein

Diane Stout

Phil Stout

Howard Tullman

Judith Tullman

Reverend Hugh Westbrook

Nicole Wright

Officials and Dignitaries (77)

Mayor Dennis Archer

Trudy Archer

Ehud Barak

Nava Cohen Barak

Mayor Sharon Belton

Michael Bragman, Jr.

Mike Bragman

Heather Bragman

Leslie Breagman

Suzanne Bragman

Bill Bratton

Agustin Cabezulo

Governor Gaston Caperton

His Majesty King Juan Carlos

Her Majesty Queen Sofia Carlos

Manuel Barros Vales

Governor Mel Carnahan

Jean Carnahan

Amy Carter

Annette Carter

Chip Carter

James Carter

Jamie Carter

Jeff Carter

Jeremy Carter

President Jimmy Carter

Joshua Carter

Margaret Carter

Rosalynn Carter

Sarah Carter

Governor Ben Cayetano

Vicky Cayetano

Pilar Garcia Ceca

Governor Gray Davis

Sharon Davis

Virginia Fields

Mayor Elizabeth Flors

Frances Ann Glendening

Governor Parris Glendening

Eleanor Glenn

Senator John Glenn

Adi Granor

Bgen Dan Harel

Governor James Hodges

Rachel Hodges

Carolyn Hunt

Governor Jim Hunt

Zahi Kanush

Rikki Klieman

Jacalyn Leavitt

Governor Michael Leavitt

Mayor Anthony Masiello

Eleanor McGovern

George McGovern

Governor Ned McWherter

Mendel Mendel-Shaked

Mayor Thomas Menino

Judi Patton

Governor Paul Patton

Ellen Pena

Frederico Pena

Mary Prince

Roberto Rameriz

Mayor Edward Rendell

Isabel Rodriquez

Irma Rosello

Governor Pablo Rosello

Governor George Ryan

Shammuel Sasson

Mayor Susan Savage

Micha Yitzahk Shamir

Governor Don Siegelman

Lori Siegelman.

Mayor Woodrow Stanley

Mayor Wellington Webb

Hugo Wentzel

Jim Wentzel

Arts and Letters and Sports (45)

Kathy Baltz

Belinda Benson

Jimmy Buffett

Kenneth Bums

Caley Chase

Chevy Chase

Cydney Chase

Emily Chase

Jayni Chase

Debby Clinton

Betsy Cronkite

Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite IV

Ted Danson

Lissette Derouaux

Donna DeVerona

Danny Devito

Kenny Gorelick

Max Gorelick

Craig Hatkoff

Isabelle Hatkoff

Julianna Hatkoff

Desiree James

Quincy Jones

Alexis Kaplan

Rick Kaplan

Irena Medavoy

Jennia Medavoy

Michael Medavoy

Mike Medavoy

Nicolas Medavoy

Rhea Pearlman

Dennis Quaid

Jack Quaid

Vickilynn Remus

Jane Rosenthal

Meg Ryan

Will Smith

Jada Smith

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith

Kyle Smith

Trey Smith

Steven Spielberg

John Sykes

Laurie Sykes

Family and Friends of Chelsea Clinton (43)

[Names not released]

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