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North Dakota

Rank: 33 | Points: 58.5 | Grade: F

Secretary of State, Elections

Requires financial disclosure filing?Yes1
Requires complete financial disclosure filing (no update)?Yes1
Requires financial disclosure filing annually?No0Filings required only as candidates.
Requires complete financial disclosure filing for candidates?Yes1
Employment information required?Yes5
Employment information not narrowly defined?No0Filers not required to detail primary occupation.
Employer/business name required?Yes2.5Half points awarded because filers not required to name primary source of
income, only secondary source.
Employment job title required?Yes2
Employer description required?No0
Value range/income amount required?No0
Spouse employment information required and clear?Yes5
Officer/director information required?Yes4
Officer/director information not narrowly defined?Yes4
Officer/director entity name required?Yes4
Officer/director entity description required?No0
Spouse officer/director information required and clear?Yes4
Investment information required?Yes3
Investment information not narrowly defined?Yes3
Investment entity name required?Yes3
Investment entity description required?No0
Investment value range/holding amount required?No0
Spouse investment information required and clear?Yes3
Client information required?No0
Client name required?No0
Client value range/income amount required?No0
Spouse client information required and clear?No0
Real-property information required?Yes2
Real-property information not narrowly defined?No0No points awarded because filers not required to report real property
unless procduces income.
Real-property value range/amount required?No0
Spouse real-property information required and clear?Yes2
Spouse name required?Yes2
Dependent name required?No0
Financial disclosure filings in central office?No0Filers required to file report with county auditor in county of
residence; filings not forwarded to Secretary of State Elections Division,
which issues forms.
Lawmakers not forwarded reviewer information?Yes1
In-person appearance not required to obtain filings?Yes1
Copy fees less than 50 cents per page?Yes1
Blank disclosure form available on Web?Yes1
Disclosure filings available electronically or on the Web in any format?No0
Late-filing penalties on the books?Yes1No monetary late filing fees. However, legislators file only as
candidates and if candidates do not file their name will not be on the
Misfiling penalties on the books?Yes1
State has auditing authority?Yes1
State routinely reviews filings for accuracy and completeness either
through formal audit process or informal review process?
State published list of delinquent filers on Web or in printed document?No0

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