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Published — October 19, 2006 Updated — May 19, 2014 at 12:19 pm ET

In California, Pro-90 Forces Release First TV Ad

Could your home really become a castle?


The chief proponent of California’s Proposition 90, the Protect Our Homes Coalition, has released, via its Web site, the organization’s first made-for-television spot. In the 30-second ad, Verla and Leo Lambert of Garden Grove, California, urge voters to approve the proposed constitutional amendment, which would require the government to pay property owners for regulations that reduce the value of their holdings. The measure also would restrict the government’s use of eminent domain.

The Protect Our Homes Coalition did not respond to the Center for Public Integrity’s inquiries about the spot, which to date does not seem to have aired on TV.

“Yes on 90” Television Ad 1: “Victims”
The ad features Verla and Leo Lambert of Garden Grove, California.

Verla: After 50 years in our home, the government tried to take it away from us.

Leo: They call it eminent domain.

Verla: Imagine, our government taking our home and giving it to a developer.

Leo: To build a theme park.

Verla: We love it here. We didn’t want to move.

Leo: It happened to us. It could happen to anyone.

Verla: We need to protect our home, so please vote “yes” on Proposition 90.

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