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Center for Public Integrity investigations wouldn’t be complete without the work of multimedia editor Eleanor Bell and environmental reporter Maryam Jameel.

This past year brought an especially rich bounty of compelling video that helped bring our stories to life. The results include an animation and our most ambitious storytelling project yet.

Here are some of the stories the Center caught on video this year:

Why nobody knows what’s really going into your food

A loophole in a 57-year old law means companies can add substances to their food without ever consulting the Food and Drug Administration about potential health risks. Read this investigation.

YouTube video

The impenetrable world of Mark Flores

Yvette Flores unknowingly worked around lead and other harmful substances while she was pregnant; a severely disabled son was the result. Read this investigation

YouTube video

Australia’s footprint in African mines

Australian-listed mining companies are linked to hundreds of deaths and alleged injustices which wouldn’t be tolerated in better-regulated nations. Read this investigation and watch the multimedia report.

The ‘time bomb … in the chests and the lungs of Americans.’

Life was going smoothly for Kris Penny. Then he got a rare type of cancer called mesothelioma almost always caused by asbestos exposure. Read this investigation

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