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The Center for Public Integrity is one three organizations that will benefit from the Freedom of the Press Foundation’s latest crowd-funding campaign in support of public-interest journalism. If you donate to this fund today, actor and Foundation board member John Cusack will match your gift up to $10,000 over the next two weeks. You can designate whether your gift goes to the Center, the Bureau of Investigative Reporting or Truthout.

The Center’s investigation will dig deeply into Pentagon spending. We’ll examine the causes that have led to the biggest defense budget in the world, including billions of dollars wasted as U.S. forces prepare to leave Afghanistan. We’ll detail what’s gone wrong in some of the Defense Department’s most troubled and costly projects like theF-35 fighter jet and the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships, look at the explosion of military entitlements, and map how top defense contractors in Washington regularly finance the election of campaigns of the lawmakers who oversee orcontrol their budgets.

“With the help of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, we can bring more attention and funding to our investigative work,” said Bill Buzenberg, The Center’s Executive Director.

The Center for Public Integrity, one of the oldest nonprofit journalism institutions in the country, is supported almost entirely through foundation grants and gifts from individuals.

This is the second crowd-funding campaign for the Freedom of the Press Foundation. Its first, which ended earlier this month, earned $196,000 in six weeks, and went to support four independent media outlets: The National Security Archive, MuckRock News, The UpTake, and WikiLeaks.

You can donate to this campaign through the Freedom of the Press Foundation website.

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