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Published — March 2, 2020

Sally Herships, head of Columbia’s audio journalism program, to produce Center for Public Integrity’s first podcast series


The Center for Public Integrity is one of America’s oldest nonprofit investigative newsrooms. Throughout its 30-year span it has won journalism’s top honors for stories uncovering betrayals of public trust.

Sally Herships. (Courtesy)

Sally Herships, director of the audio program at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, and frequent contributor to Planet Money’s “Indicator” podcast, will be overseeing the Center for Public Integrity’s first-ever podcast series — to be launched later this year.

The reporting will be undertaken by a team of award-winning investigative journalists and focus on how power works in Trump’s America.

Other team members include veteran podcaster and “Ear Hustle” editor Curtis Fox and reporters Sonya Green, Andres Caballero, Joe Wertz, Sarah Kleiner and Allan Holmes. BBC veteran composer and documentary maker Nina Perry will be in charge of theme music and sound design. 

The series will be executive produced by Herships and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Mei Fong, director of communications and strategy at Public Integrity.

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