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Published — February 2, 2018 Updated — May 29, 2018 at 12:22 pm ET

Live chat: 5G and the digital divide

Join us for a Facebook Live to discuss the struggle for broadband access


UPDATE: This event has been postponed. Stay tuned for a new date via our Facebook page and on Twitter.

If the fight over 5G poles and cells hasn’t hit your town yet, chances are it’s coming.

Join the Center’s senior business reporter, Allan Holmes, for a Facebook Live chat about his reporting on the politics behind broadband access and 5G. We’ll be taking a look at these controversial cell towers and discussing how communities are reacting to this change, which telecom companies claim will help bridge America’s digital divide.

Send us your questions and comments ahead of time and make sure to tune in on on our Facebook page.

Make sure to turn on your notifications for Facebook Live videos so you’ll know as soon as the live broadcast starts.

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