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Published — September 26, 2012

Giving you the truth


The 2012 presidential contest will be the most expensive – and most secretive – election of the modern era. Thanks to federal court decisions, corporations, billionaires and labor unions can spend as much as they want to fill the airwaves with half-truths and outright propaganda.

Sadly, much of the media is missing this story and instead obsessing over scripted, corporate-funded national conventions, where the biggest news was Clint Eastwood interrogating an empty chair.

The Center for Public Integrity is dedicated to giving you the most credible information possible – not available from other news outlets. We’re not focused on the parade of celebrities and sound-bite gaffes. We are focused on uncovering the shadowy groups that are determined to decide who the next president and members of Congress will be through a historic influx of special-interest cash, the result of the now-famous “Citizens United” Supreme Court ruling.

This is investigative reporting that I believe you care about and the kind of critical journalism that separates the Center for Public Integrity from the for-profit daily news chatter. And it’s why I’m asking you to take a role in ensuring that this reporting continues by contributing today.

At the Center for Public Integrity, we are a watchdog for the public, not for insiders and shareholders. We take the time to write impartial, nonpartisan stories that give you the real truth.

But the truth has a price – research, reporting, writing, editing, fact-checking and publishing all cost money. We hope you consider it a price worth paying so we may continue to give you reporting that holds government, corporations and special interests accountable to you.

Your $10 or $30 or $50 tax-deductible contribution is needed now to help us find and expose the reality behind the propaganda that impacts us all.

Thank you,

John Dunbar

Managing Editor, Politics

P.S. The Center is different from most media organizations, as well as many nonprofits. We’re not corporate-funded. And we don’t take one penny from governments, labor unions, anonymous donors or other special interests. That is why your support is so important.

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