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  • This story is about Zainab Edwards. She:
    • Lives in Arizona.
    • Has disabilities.
    • Has complex needs. Complex needs means she needs a lot of support. She might hurt herself or other people.
  • Arizona pays a lot of money to support Zainab. They pay for staff and services.
  • Zainab does not have a good quality of life. She spends a lot of time alone. She gets hurt. The police come to her house a lot.
  • Having money to pay for services is not the same as having good services.
  • People with complex needs and their families are talking to the Arizona government.
  • Arizona is making new rules to make life better for people with complex needs.
  • People do not agree on where people like Zainab should live.  
  • People with complex needs used to live in institutions.
  • Some people think people with complex needs should live in:
    • Institutions.
    • Gated communities.
    • Their community.
  • There are not good state programs for people with complex needs to live in the community.
  • It is hard to find a solution.

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