Manipulating Medicare

Published — April 19, 2011

Have you seen a new doctor since enrolling in Medicare?


Journalists at iWatch News are conducting an investigation into the nation’s Medicare system, highlighting some of the questionable spending that occurs in the program through our ongoing series, Manipulating Medicare.

To get a better understanding of the data we’ve obtained jointly with The Wall Street Journal, reporter Fred Schulte is interested in learning more about the process involved for patients who see doctors for the first time after being enrolled in Medicare.

Have you seen a new doctor recently? Tell us more about your experience.

Your insights will help us understand some of the billing practices and procedures for doctors who are seeing new Medicare patients, and will guide our reporting for a new story. The information you share will remain confidential to our newsroom and our trusted partners within the Public Insight Network.

Interested in learning more about the Public Insight Network? Read about how you can assist award-winning investigative journalists by sharing your expertise. If you have any questions, email Cole Goins:

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