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Published — August 12, 2009 Updated — May 19, 2014 at 12:19 pm ET

Second quarter data added to Center’s climate lobby database


Last week, the Center published a new investigation into the more than 460 new businesses and interest groups that jumped into lobbying Congress on global warming as the House neared its historic June 26 vote on climate change legislation — a more than 30 percent cumulative jump since the beginning of the year.

In conjunction with the story, we’ve now updated our database with all the climate change-related lobbying data for the second quarter of 2009. Users can find the database on The Climate Change Lobby project page. To use it, type in the name of a special interest in the global warming debate to see who is making its case on Capitol Hill. You can also search by lobbying representative, industry sector, time frame, or money spent on lobbying.

For example, searching “American Superconductor” — a company that pushed for the electricity grid modernization in the bill during the second quarter — shows that they hired Cassidy & Associates to lobby on their behalf in the second quarter of 2009 for a price tag of $80,000.

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