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Posted inEnergy, Environment, Harken Energy

Harken Energy Corporation internal documents

July 19, 2002 — In his July 8, 2002, press conference, President George W. Bush told reporters “to look back on the directors’ minutes” for details of his knowledge of and involvement in the financial reporting of Harken Energy Corporation that was the subject of a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation in the early 1990s. […]

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Additional Harken documents

July 12, 2002 — Since posting the last batch of documents yesterday, we received requests for more Harken-related documents. Today, we are posting Harken Energy Corporation’s 1989 Form 10K, which includes information on the Aloha transaction and the loans George W. Bush received from the company, and the company’s quarterly reports from the period ending […]

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State parties collected nearly $570 million in contributions, soft money transfers in 2000

Federal Election Commission By The Center for Public Integrity September 26, 2002 The dispersion of disclosure By MaryJo Sylwester and Katy Lewis September 26, 2002 In the 2000 elections, Democratic and Republican state party committees raised $570 million, with 46 percent comprised of soft money transfers from national party organizations, according to an unprecedented study […]

Posted inIntelligence, National Security, War on Error

Live pictures taken by U.S. planes were freely available

LONDON — The war on terrorism in Europe is being undermined by a military communications system that makes it easier for terrorists to tune in to live video of U.S. intelligence operations than to watch Disney cartoons or new-release movies. For more than six months, live pictures from U.S. aerial spy missions have been broadcast […]

Posted inIntelligence, National Security, War in Afghanistan and Iraq, War on Error

The hot line from Virginia to Al Qaeda

LONDON, June 12, 2002 — The flaw in the U.S. communications system is a Pentagon network called the Global Broadcasting Service (GBS), a new military satellite system begun in 1996. The system was designed to “provide efficient, direct broadcast of digital multimedia information” and give “deployed warfighters … high-bandwidth data imagery and video of critical […]

Posted inIntelligence, National Security, War on Error

A Spy Inc. no stranger to controversy

LONDON / WASHINGTON — Even within the secretive world of private military companies, AirScan is noted for being unforthcoming about its operations. The Florida-based company has repeatedly refused to disclose what work it is doing in Europe, choosing instead to discuss the company’s plans to track polar bears hibernating in the Arctic. “We work closely […]

Posted inEnvironment

Smog-forming and toxic gases ‘consistently’ undercounted, major study finds

HOUSTON, May 31, 2002 — In a discovery with national implications, a group of government, academic and private researchers involved in a $20 million study of Houston’s air quality have found that operators of petrochemical plants in the city’s vast industrial complex have been significantly underestimating emissions of key air pollutants in required reports to […]

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Federal board concludes current chemical regulations are inadequate

WASHINGTON, May 15, 2002 — The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, nearing the end of a lengthy investigation, has concluded that federal regulations designed to prevent catastrophic accidents involving a widely used group of hazardous chemicals are “inadequate.” After its own investigation of the same issue, the Center for Public Integrity reported recently […]

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Jacques Monsieur arrested in Turkey

BRUSSELS, Belgium — A Belgian man alleged to be one of Europe’s biggest gunrunners — and who has threatened to reveal secrets about the involvement of intelligence agencies and oil corporations in his illicit trade — has been arrested in Turkey. Jacques Monsieur, also known as the Marshal, was arrested in Istanbul on Saturday. Belgium, […]

Posted inHired Guns

Study finds $565 million spent on lobbying in the states in 2000

Lobbyists in 34 states spent $565 million wining, dining and influencing state legislators and members of the executive branch in 2000, according to “The Fourth Branch,” a new study by the Center for Public Integrity. The study was compiled in conjunction with the release of Capitol Offenders: How Private Interests Govern Our States, the Center’s […]

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Tobacco lawyers face investigation by legal regulators

AUSTRALIA — The behavior of Clayton Utz and Mallesons Stephen Jaques lawyers in advising Australia’s biggest tobacco company on its documents policies will be investigated by legal regulators. If the lawyers are found to have been involved in misconduct or unsatisfactory conduct they face a range of possible sanctions including cancellation of their practicing certificates. […]

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Clayton Utz faces inquiries in destroying documents

Leading Australian law firm, Clayton Utz, faces at least two inquiries about its involvement in destroying thousands of sensitive tobacco company documents. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Professor Allan Fels yesterday said the commission would investigate if there had been misleading, deceptive or unconscionable conduct in breach of the Trade Practices Act by […]

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The smoking gun: A perspective

Yesterday a court awarded Melbourne grandmother Rolah Ann McCabe $700,000 in damages after she sued one of the world’s leading tobacco companies. The case revealed how the Firm was prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to win. In 1996 when Phyllis Cremona sued tobacco companies for smoking-related illness, her lawyers were snowed under by thousands […]

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Smoker awarded $700,000 after evidence was destroyed

These stories first appeared in The Age on April 12-13, 2002. They are reposted here with permission. Australia’s biggest tobacco company destroyed thousands of internal documents to deliberately subvert court processes and to deny Melbourne lung cancer patient Rolah McCabe a fair trial, the Victorian Supreme Court found yesterday. Mrs. McCabe, 51, who has only […]

Posted inNational Security

Special Report: Kuchma approved sale of weapons system to Iraq

Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma personally authorized the clandestine sale of $100-million worth of high-technology anti-aircraft radar systems to Iraq on July 10, 2000, in violation of United Nations sanctions. The Center for Public Integrity has obtained audio tape of a conversation between Kuchma and Valeri Malev, then-director of the state-owned arms exporting company, Ukrspetseksport. In […]

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Broadcast industry defeats Shays-Meehan provision

Well Connected The business and legislative influences behind our nation’s information networks. Stories in this series Well connected By The Center for Public Integrity May 22, 2003 District of Columbia’s poor pay triple for sub-par Internet service By Laurel Adams February 18, 2011 Billions set aside to bridge broadband gap before creating plan on how […]

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Commentary: The Enron collapse — A financial scandal rooted in politics

February 25, 2002 — The unfolding Enron spectacle is a cautionary tale about the fatal quicksand of irrational exuberance and greed, deceit and nondisclosure of pertinent public information, and government officials beholden to powerful private interests. And beyond the daily details and sensational revelations, there are sobering questions now about the extent of “Enronitis.” Some […]