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Published — May 25, 2011

Which country’s exports comprised the highest percentage of its GDP in 2007?


Germany’s exports of goods and services amounted to 46.8 percent of its gross domestic product in 2007 — the largest among the 10 countries with the world’s highest GDP at the time. That figure has grown since 1970, when exports constituted 16.4 percent of its GDP, placing Germany the third highest among some of the top economies in the world. The data comes from the World Bank’s World Development Indicators, which includes data from 209 countries spanning from 1960 to 2010

President Obama is attending the annual Group of Eight summit today in Deauville, France, where talks will focus on recent turmoil in the Arab world, nuclear safety, and the future of Internet regulation and development.

To see how these countries’ exports as percentage of GDP have changed over the last four decades, view the interactive graph on the Ujima Project website (second graph on the page).

The Ujima Project includes a collection of databases, documents and other resources that aims to bring transparency to the workings of governments, multinational non-governmental organizations and business enterprises in developing countries. For more, visit

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