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Published — May 2, 2011

Investigations Around the World


An 11-country-investigation by Consejo de Redaccion in Columbia looked into resource mismanagement in Latin America and found that the region is missing profitable opportunities to conserve its forests because of red tape and excessive paperwork. Instead carbon emissions trading and forest conservation have become ambiguous projects with little oversight.

London’s Observer chronicled how Wachovia, a major U.S. banknow owned by Wells Fargo, laundered billions of dollars for a drug cartel in Mexico since 2004; the onset of escalating violence along the U.S. – Mexican border.

The Associated Press investigated the use of cleanup money doled out by BP during last year’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and found that many communities spent millions of dollars of BP money on gadgets, vehicles and gear, which often had little to do with the cleanup.

“Investigations Around the World” is a regular ICIJ feature designed to showcase great investigative reporting across the globe. We are always looking for stories to highlight, so please send your links to You can also follow these reports and other ICIJ news on our Facebook page.

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