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Published — August 24, 2017 Updated — August 28, 2017 at 6:14 pm ET

Revealed: Trump administration members’ personal finances

Public radio show highlighting #CitizenSleuth reporting project this weekend


This summer, the Center for Public Integrity and Reveal joined forces with hundreds of “citizen sleuths” to investigate the personal assets, liabilities, business ties and potential conflicts of interest of President Donald Trump and hundreds of his administration appointees.

This weekend, Reveal — a co-production of The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX — will broadcast and podcast a special segment about the people behind the #CitizenSleuth reporting project and what they’ve uncovered.

A sneak peak: You’ll learn a lot about recently fired Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s million-dollar debts, a shadow White House press office that may violate federal law and some Trump officials who earn a government paycheck despite owing the Internal Revenue Service tens of thousands of dollars.

Interested in how much Trump himself is worth? We’ll tackle that, too.

Update, August 28: Listen to the podcast version of the #CitizenSleuth segment here.

Reveal and the Center for Public Integrity will also collaborate on a second segment airing this weekend about how children from New Jersey to California find themselves at risk of breathing toxic air — just by going to school.

Consult this list to find a local radio station that airs Reveal. (Scroll right on the chart to find the day and time Reveal airs on your local station.)

And come Sunday, download the Reveal’s podcast version of the show by clicking here.

Still want to become a #CitizenSleuth?

Dive into the spreadsheet below now and send tips and hints to:

Start sleuthing:

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