The Heist: Season 2

From The Center  for Public Integrity and Transmitter Media

In this season of The Heist, we follow one woman's quest to confront the wealth gap between Black and white Americans. And we tell the story of that gap, a heist pulled off through virulent discrimination.

episode 1

how  do you catch up?

waterloo, iowa

See how redlining affected the city of

For decades, the U.S. has required lenders to report how they handle loan applications for mortgages but not for small businesses. That’s poised to change.

making loan data public

A closer look

A lawsuit prompted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to propose a rule requiring lenders to report small-business loan data.

episode 3

shifting goalposts

The 1619 Freedom School is one of several resident-driven projects in Waterloo, Iowa. It launched at a challenging time — or possibly just the right one.

a 'pivotal moment'

A freedom school opens at

episode 4

the wealth-gap machine

We wanted to see how discrimination shaped one city. Here’s how you can get answers about your own community.

racist restrictions spread

see it for yourself

Developers and homeowners across the country created racially restrictive covenants to keep neighborhoods all-white. Watch how they spread in Waterloo, Iowa.

episode 5

Carrying the load

We asked experts, including people working on equity in their communities, about how to close the racial wealth gap. This is what they said.

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