Injustice at Work

Published — February 28, 2019

Have you experienced discrimination at work?


More than 100,000 people report employment discrimination and harassment to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and its state and local partner agencies each year. Most of these complaints are kept confidential — the public never learns the names of accused employers or details of what was alleged. Many cases of job discrimination aren’t reported to the government at all. Some workers can’t file because they’re not covered by legal protections. And while thousands of lawsuits are filed each year, many workers can’t go to court because of private arbitration agreements. 

We want to get a deeper understanding of how employment discrimination is persisting and affecting people in the United States. 

If you believe you’ve experienced employment discrimination, we want to hear from you. A few of the things we hope to learn more about are how employers discriminate and react to complaints, how workers in different industries and of different backgrounds are impacted, and what barriers keep people from filing complaints or getting remedies. We won’t share any details of what you submit without your permission. (We might share aggregated data from the survey results, but that won’t include any information that can identify you.) You may be contacted by a reporter to follow up on your response. 

If you would rather submit a response by email, feel free to contact reporter Maryam Jameel —

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