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Published — October 17, 2006 Updated — May 19, 2014 at 12:19 pm ET

California’s “No On 90” Forces Hit The Air Running

Two television spots to run until Election Day


Opponents of California’s Proposition 90 have launched two television ads. The “No on 90” group, which also calls itself “Californians Against the Taxpayer Trap,” says that it will run the 15- and 30-second ads against the takings initiative between now and the November 7 election.

“No on 90” Television Ad 1: “Many Groups, Many Reasons

A voice narrates over text and slide-like images of Californians.

Why do over two hundred leading groups oppose Prop 90? The League of Women Voters . . . because 90 is deceptive. Small business owners . . . because 90 would damage our economy. The National Wildlife Federation . . . because 90 would jeopardize our environment. The League of [California] Homeowners . . . because 90 would take away protections from homeowners. The California Taxpayers’ Association . . . because 90 is too expensive for taxpayers. Many groups, many reasons, same conclusion: Vote NO on 90.

“No on 90” Television Ad 2: “Scale

A voice narrates over the image of a scale as the names of organizations opposed to Proposition 90 are added one by one to the “no” side, gradually tipping the scale.

Proposition 90. It’s supported by a few developers and land speculators. But it’s opposed by police, firefighters, environmentalists, business, labor, and taxpayers — more than 200 groups throughout California. Join them and vote NO on 90. It’s a taxpayer trap.

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