Published — December 13, 2001 Updated — May 19, 2014 at 12:19 pm ET

South Dakota

A snapshot of ethics practices in South Dakota


South Dakota is among four states — including Michigan, North Dakota and Vermont — in which there are no formal ethics laws dealing with ethical conduct of legislator beyond personal financial disclosure and/or campaign finance disclosure requirements.

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What, if any, ethics agency exists in the state?

None. There was a statute calling for a state ethics commission, but it was repealed.

If the above agency does not oversee legislators, is legislative oversight defined in statute?


Are there state statutes that address ethical conduct for legislators?

No. South Dakota has no statute regarding ethics and disclosure beyond sections pertaining candidates’ campaign finance and outside interest disclosure, which are both governed by the South Dakota Secretary of State.

South Dakota Constitution Article III, Section 12, “Legislators ineligible for other office,” is the only provision dealing with conflicts of interest.

When were the ethics statutes enacted?


Where do legislators file outside interest disclosures?

South Dakota Secretary of State. See Info Resources.

Where do legislators file campaign finance disclosures?

South Dakota Secretary of State

Where are lobbying disclosures filed?

South Dakota Secretary of State Lobbyist Coordinator

Note: Some information provided by the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws’ “Ethics Update” 2000. For more information or to purchase the reference, visit

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