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Published — February 14, 2018

Patrick Malone on the Texas Standard: What happened to billions in savings promised by a contractor to the government?


The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) promised huge taxpayer savings in 2013 by consolidating two critical sites where nuclear weapons are assembled — as much as $3.27 billion over a decade.

But four years after the contract was won by Consolidated Nuclear Security (CNS) LLC, a group of corporations led by Bechtel National Inc., there’s not much to celebrate, government documents and reports show.

Patrick Malone spoke to the Texas Standard about where the rest of the promised quick savings have gone, and the increase of annual federal costs of running and overseeing the two sites — the Pantex Plant in Texas and the Y-12 site in Tennessee where nuclear weapons are disassembled and modernized.

Listen to the interview here

Full story: Trump administration’s planned nuclear upgrade is being undermined by cost overruns

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