Wendell Potter commentary

Published — July 11, 2011

Does your business provide health insurance?

Help inform Wendell Potter’s column on the health care industry


In a regular column for iWatch News, former insurance executive-turned-whistleblower Wendell Potter has been writing about well-kept secrets of the health care industry. Recently, he has covered some of the struggles that small business owners have met in providing health care coverage for their employees, both encountering rising premiums and often being “purged” by health insurers who deem their accounts unprofitable.

To get a better understanding of how the health insurance market has affected small businesses, iWatch News is interested in hearing from employees and business owners about their experiences obtaining or providing health coverage.

Do you own or work for a small business? Take a few minutes to fill out the form below and tell us more about your health care situation. The information you share will remain confidential to our newsroom and our trusted partners within the Public Insight Network.

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